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Chairman's Report April 2019

Let me start by thanking all the people whose contributions makes the Exmoor U3A possible.

Robin Foster-Brown keeps track of our membership and finances, an essential job which goes on in the background for the most part.

Yvonne Moorfoot, who probably deserves a little round of applause at this point.  Yvonne has provided us with such an excellent range of speakers for several years now and organised other events which I will mention later.

Maddy who this year has stepped in this to do an outstanding job of providing the refreshments at our meetings.  I feel I should also mention Rosemarie as well in recognition of her years of service in the tea, coffee and biscuits business.

Apart from the interesting and amusing speakers each month we have had our annual January lunch once again and in addition this year Yvonne organised, in June, a great day out on the canal.  Reports of that event have all been extremely positive, everyone enjoyed the trip immensely.

So our monthly meetings are in good shape and that is something which we all appreciate but that doesn’t truly represent the spirit of the U3A.  Our record on group meetings is not so great, at present we have the wine tasting group, still in fine spirits!  The classical music group is another long term meeting, which has survived the departure of David Fratter and is very successful.  The few members of the discussion group still in Dulverton continue to meet although the lively arguments are somewhat diminished and we spend as much time on lunch as debate.

I recently found some of the posters and a copy of the leaflet which were produced for our marketing coffee morning a few years back which included a list of suggested topics.  All we need are the group organisers and the commitment from members to attend regularly.

Armchair Travel
Home Technology
Local History
Join up and join in is the line on our advert at the cinema, having joined up we need a few people to step up and start some more groups.

Membership needs a boost, perhaps we could think about another stab at publicity this year, once every four years doesn’t seem to be too much of a burden.
Gerry Lewis
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